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A history of the Mockbeggar Group

  • 1950

    Our Formation

    Mockbeggar Farm, near Rochester, Kent was first established in 1950 under the name of W. Brice and Sons Ltd.

  • 1980's

    Rapid Growth

    By the 1980’s, under the management of directors, and brothers, Simon and Peter Brice, Mockbeggar Farm became one of the first large independent soft and stone fruit growers to start trading with supermarkets.

  • 1990's

    Company Portfolio

    By the mid 1990’s in an ever expanding marketplace the company’s portfolio of major supermarkets included Marks and Spencer, Tesco, J Sainsbury and Safeway. Other growers, from Kent to Scotland were attracted to come under the Mockbeggar umbrella in order to market their fruit.

  • 1996

    Mockbeggar Limited

    By 1996 marketing arrangements for the growers to form a producer group were formalised. As Mockbeggar Farm near Rochester, Kent was the hub of the enterprise (with the main pack house located on site) this group was formally named as Mockbeggar Limited. In December 1996 there were 6 original members, with new members recruited in order to grow and strengthen the position within the marketplace and offer produce over an extended season.

  • 2000's

    Appointment of Total Worldfresh

    Between 2000 and 2008 12 additional growers joined Mockbeggar Ltd. In 2002 it was decided to supplement their marketing arm by appointing Total Worldfresh (formally known as AFI) as their agent.

  • The Present Day

    In 1997 turnover for the group was £3,071,060, with additional acreage and improved farming methods this increased to £19,000,000 by 2014. All our members prepare their produce from their own pack houses on site with exception of J. Myatt and D. Philp who use Mockbeggar Packing Ltd for their produce. All Members have the necessary and relevant accreditations for the supermarkets they supply, including BRC, Red Tractor / Assured Produce, Tesco Nurture, Sedex, and Field to Fork.

Our Growers

Trusted growers from around the country make up the Mockbeggar family.

G. Charlton & Sons
West Newton Farm
East End Nurseries
Wheatley Wood Farm
Noke Street Farm
John Myatt and Co.
E. Oldroyd & Sons
Mockbeggar Ltd. Growers
G.J. & H.S. Warren


Mockbeggar supply a range of premium produce, grown at farms around the county.


12 acres of land, producing around 28 tonnes of blackberries per year. Varieties grown include:

Incentive, Karaka Black, Lochness, Lock Tay, Ouachita


48 tonnes of Cherries were produced in 2014 on 52 acres, with 39 acres grown under cover. 45 acres of this land are recent Gisela root stock. Varieties included:

Colney, Georgia, Hertford, Kordia, Lapins, Merchant, Penny, Regina, Schneider, Stella, Summer Sun, Sunburst, Sweetheart,Techlovan, Vanda


Mockbeggar Ltd produce 462 tonnes of plums/ year, grown on 98 acres. Plum varieties include;

Avalon, Anita, Hagenta, Jubileum, Maritare, Marjorie, Opal, Reeves, Verity, Victoria, + Red & Green Gages


As a group, producing some 386 tonnes of raspberries from 70 acres of land/ annum grown in tunnels. Varieties grown include:

Glen Ample, Grandeur, Octavia, Radiance, Tadmor, Tulameen


Producing around 435 tonnes per annum, on 143 acres, with approximately 7.5 acres of forced rhubarb grown. Varieties grown include:

Cawood Delight, Queen Victoria, Stockbridge Arrow, Reeds Early Superb, Stockbridge Harbinger, Timperley Early


Producing some 3740 tonnes of strawberries per year on 312 acres, 75% of which is under cover, with around 15 acres of glass houses. Grown both from the ground and on table tops. Varieties grown include:

Capri, Clery, Elegance, Elsanta, Fenella, Finesse, Ischia, Red Glory, Triumph


Mockbeggar's commitment to the environment

Our growers are constantly looking at ways to improve their carbon footprint by saving energy and reducing waste.

All our members have their carbon footprint measured annually, in order to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and to improve the situation wherever possible. All produce is grown in an environmentally sensitive way, using I.C.M (integrated crop management). One example of this is by using predators as pest control.

We also have a number of winter reservoirs across the group for water storage.

As a group we have achieved the completion of a number of projects this year, and are presently considering further energy saving projects for 2015.

In 2014 alone we, as a group, have installed energy saving:

  • LED Lighting - installed at Mockbeggar Packhouse, saving up to 74% energy
  • Solar Panels – installed at Mockbeggar Farm
  • Wind turbine – installed at Wheatley Wood Farm, supplying energy to pack house
  • Bee houses, to be installed at Mockbeggar Farm in order to attract solitary bees

Considered for 2015:

  • Water collection and recycling table top system – at EastEnd Nurseries and G Charlton and Sons
  • Solar panels at Decoy Farm for J. Myatt and Wheatley Wood Farm for A. Tasker.

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